Comedian John Bishop and writer, actor and director Tony Pitts have today launched Three Little Words, a new podcast in which the two friends talk to fascinating people about their lives, hopes, struggles and beliefs.

The show features a rich blend of guests, from world-famous celebrities to scientists, politicians, artists and sports stars, each with an unforgettable story to share. There is only one rule: each must bring along the three words that mean something important to them – plus the one word they never want to hear again. John, Tony and their guest explore why these words are special and the stories they evoke – funny, touching, surprising and heart-breaking.

The first episode features a captivating conversation with pop icon Robbie Williams. Future guests include legendary musician Jools Holland, Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Shenton and comedian Jason Manford. Words chosen so far range from ‘embarrassment’ to ‘fate’ and ‘mugwump’.

John and Tony have been close friends for over 20 years. Tony booked John for one of his first ever paid stand-up gigs, paying him £40 to perform in a Leeds club (which John still believes was too cheap – while Tony thinks he overpaid) and John subsequently appeared in Tony’s 2017 critically acclaimed film Funny Cow – but Three Little Words is their first endeavour as co-creators

John said: “The show came out of a conversation between Tony and I about the power of words one night and one of us (not sure who but I will take the credit) said it would be a great format for a podcast. I have found it a great way to get to know people better and as words are what bind us all together I think everyone can get something out of every episode. I have honestly loved doing them.”

Tony said: “Three Little Words started as an excuse for two mates to spend more time with each other, but it’s become something bigger and more powerful than I imagined. Each episode is unpredictable and completely different from the next. Our guests’ lived experiences colour their interpretation of the words they bring to the table – which always sparks fascinating discussion and gives me, John and the listeners new perspectives on different cultures and communities.”

Three Little Words is the debut podcast from new audio-on-demand company Crowd Network, with further releases to follow in the weeks to come.

Three Little Words episodes are released every Tuesday through Acast and are available to download on all major podcast platforms.