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Crowd Branded is a place where you can work hand-in-hand with some of the industry’s most experienced producers, to create a podcast that matters to your target audience and communities. And you’ll have access to talent, guests and audiences across Crowd Network you just won’t find anywhere else.

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Our creative team, behind some of the UK's most successful shows, work closely with you to understand and challenge the brief you're looking to deliver on. Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it.

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We help you create the unexpected, so we’ll push you to think differently about everything from the content and format to hosts and guests.

Case Studies

Protecting the world's oceans

Greenpeace is a movement of people who are passionate about defending the natural world from destruction. Its vision is for a greener, healthier and more peaceful planet, one that can sustain life for generations to come.
Greenpeace’s Protect the Oceans campaign seeks to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. It’s an ambitious and important target – one that requires engaging and widening understanding with new audiences that can actively affect change.
Working hand-in-hand with Greenpeace’s audio team, we developed a beautiful storytelling podcast built around Greenpeace’s target audience. Taking the listener on a journey of discovery, the series sees wildlife filmmaker, zoologist and TV personality Hannah Stittfall chat to freedivers, marine biologists, submarine pilots and more, hearing mind-boggling stories about the ocean’s deep and its inhabitants.
Oceans: Life Under Water is not what you expect from a branded podcast. It’s a purpose-driven co-production created to save the oceans - harnessing the power of audio to drive conservation. The trailer for the series achieved 100,000 views on Instagram ahead of launch, hinting at what’s to come.

James Hanson, Head of Communications and Engagement for Greenpeace UK’s Protect the Oceans campaign said: “In an ever-changing media landscape, we’re always excited to try new mediums to drive conservation. Podcasting fits the bill. It’s an exciting, growing industry and it’s been brilliant working with Crowd, who have helped us produce something beautiful and really important.”

Creating a community around the love of bikes

Red Bull is more than the world’s most popular energy drinks brand. Since it was founded in Austria in 1987, it has grown to be a global lifestyle brand associated with sports, adventure and high energy. As well as a media house responsible for some of the most iconic marketing campaigns.
Red Bull leads the way with its content strategy built around key sports, developing digital content through its media house to continually engage consumers. But the team wanted to find another way to connect with fans of cycling in all its forms and create a real community around the love of bikes.
We helped Red Bull Media House create the cycling podcast you never knew you needed. Rather than going down a specialist route or focusing on big events in the world of cycling – as many existing podcasts in this space did – we wanted to create a podcast that offered something for everyone that loves bikes. Just Ride features hosts and professional downhill mountain bikers Rob Warner and Eliot Jackson in conversation with a wide range of professionals who dive into the weird and wonderful world of cycling. We help source the guests, drawing on our existing network of talent through Crowd Sports.
The Just Ride cycling community is alive and kicking and has quickly become one of Red Bull’s biggest podcasts. The success of the first season – reaching the top 15 in the sports podcasts chart – led to a second season launching in February 2024. And there’s big plans to come between Red Bull and Crowd Branded, so watch this space.

Taking Manchester Airport’s passenger engagement to new heights

Manchester Airport Group (MAG) is one of the UK’s leading airport groups. Founded in 2001, it now operates three key hubs across the country:

• Manchester
• London Stansted and
• East Midlands

It welcomes approximately 58 million passengers through its airports every year, as they jet off to over 270 destinations via over 70 airlines.
The airline industry was heavily impacted by COVID-19, with border closures impacting travel levels. When the time came for normal travel to resume, there was an excitement amongst passengers that MAG was keen to nurture in its future efforts to connect with passengers. The Group identified an opportunity to build a central community hub for its Manchester Airport passengers, that people could access as they traveled through the site. It wanted to satisfy passengers’ curiosity and fascination with the running of the airport, harnessing a sense of pride in those who work there or use it. Most importantly, MAG wanted to tell stories that would resonate with listeners, to forge a positive connection to the airport’s brand.
We worked with MAG’s team to hone in on the heart of an initial six-part podcast series: Manchester: Your Airport, MAN, to bring to life the people and stories behind the UK’s third busiest airport. Our series producer Louisa Adams and podcast host extraordinaire Tom Fordyce interviewed dozens of guests throughout the course of production, to draw out stories that would entertain and educate listeners, on topics ranging from sustainability to what happens when A-list stars travel through the airport. Once the podcast feed was live, MAG created a series of digital billboards across the airport with QR codes to download the podcast for their journey, as well as developing an engaging social media campaign to promote it. Already proving a hit with listeners, further episodes are planned for summer 2023 and beyond.
Adam Jupp, Communications Director at Manchester Airport and co-host of the series: “Having been around for nearly 85 years, Manchester Airport means a lot to so many people, and that is what inspired us to take people behind the scenes through this podcast. “What comes across loud and clear is the passion and dedication our teams have for the airport and the podcast has already proved popular with passengers and aviation enthusiasts alike. When we were planning this project, we wanted to find a partner with the right level of creativity and expertise, but one that also fully understood the importance of the airport to the region. That is what we found in Crowd Branded, and it was a pleasure to work with them from start to finish.” Listen to Manchester: Your Airport, MAN