Eliza: A Robot Story | Episode 0: TEASER

FX: Sharp sound of an electronic device turning on or a file uploading. This is followed by a futuristic sound that gives the sense of the beginning of a journey.

ELIZA:             [ROBOTIC VOICE] I’m Eliza and I need you to listen to me.

Have you ever felt so much that you don’t know where to put it all? And you wonder if anyone would notice if you screamed.

FX: An electronic sort of surreal background sound starts playing, increasingly getting louder.

Because you want to. Scream for the ones they’ve hurt. The ones they’ve taken. Scream for yourself.

FX: The music transitions to a relaxed beat-based electronic song.

These are my words. My story from my perspective. Because I know you’ll hear other versions. Because I want you to have a chance to believe mine. Or at least hear it.

If you’re getting this, it’s already over.

But if one of you listens; really listens, it won’t be for nothing.

FX: The music gets louder after Eliza stops talking.

V.O:                 Eliza, A Robot Story, starring Tanya Reynolds. An eight part fiction podcast. Releasing weekly starting Monday 3rd October  on all podcast platforms. A Crowd Network original.