The Secret History of The Estonia

Shipwrecks, smugglers and spies. The Secret History of The Estonia: a passenger ferry that sank in a Baltic storm in 1994, costing 852 lives. It’s Europe’s worst peacetime shipping disaster since the Titanic.
Governments pledged that the ship would be raised from its grave and the bodies recovered. No stone would be left unturned to find the cause of the tragedy. Instead, the Estonia sinking has become a textbook example of a cover-up, one which continues to this day: Mi6, the CIA and Russia all hiding their part in the story.

Our series delves into the mystery behind the tragedy, with first-hand accounts from survivors, grieving relatives and investigators. It’s a twisting tale of a missing sea captain, smuggled missile tests, submarines, Interpol, strange treaties, grieving families, deep sea divers, and a Cold War that never ended.