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Chelsea F.C. Women score big with an integrated content approach

Chelsea F.C. Women score big with an integrated content approach

1 May 2024

When it comes to developing a content marketing strategy, the most dynamic brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their audience. Branded podcasts are often seen as a tactical aspect of such strategies – but in fact, are most effective as the engine that drives content creation across an entire marketing strategy.

Take, for example, Chelsea F.C. Women’s new podcast, We Are Chelsea. The show aims to bring fans ‘closer than ever before’ to its players, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the Barclay’s Women’s Super League’s most successful team. From deep dives on memorable moments in the team’s history, to in-depth interviews with players and all the latest match updates, the podcast explores the inner workings of one of women’s football’s most elite teams.

But here’s the twist: instead of confining the podcast to just audio, Chelsea F.C. Women took a video-first approach with our support.

Hosted by sports presenter Caroline De Moraes, each episode of We Are Chelsea is recorded in both audio and video formats. It enables the club to not only distribute episodes across all major podcast platforms, but also leverage the power of visual storytelling by uploading full episodes to the club’s website, its 5th Stand app and its official YouTube channel, which boasts over 5 million subscribers.

This video content is further repurposed into bite-sized clips tailor-made for Chelsea’s social media platforms, maximising reach and engagement across multiple channels. The result? A podcast that has seamlessly integrated audio and video to create a multi-dimensional content experience for followers.

The impact of this video-first approach speaks volumes. In just under two weeks from the podcast’s launch, full episodes and clips garnered close to 1 million views across Chelsea’s digital channels.

Even brands without a large existing digital presence can reap the rewards of such an approach, using podcast content to expand their reach and amplify their presence across other channels, whether social media or website.

We Are Chelsea is an example of the benefits of not confining podcasts to a silo, but seeing them as a content creation engine that can fuel engagement across other channels.

Interested in how podcasts could help you elevate your content marketing strategy, grow your audience reach and support brand awareness? See how our team could get you started today.

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