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Greenpeace and Crowd are using audio to save the oceans

Greenpeace and Crowd are using audio to save the oceans

19 February 2024

Ever wondered what it sounds like 60 meters below sea-level? Or how it feels to forge a friendship with an octopus? Did you know about whales’ deep admiration for their grandparents? 

This is Oceans: Life Under Water – A new podcast from Crowd Network and Greenpeace UK.

Join wildlife filmmaker and TV personality Hannah Stitfall as she discovers the world beneath the waves. She’ll be chatting to freedivers, marine biologists, submarine pilots and more, hearing mind-boggling stories about the oceans-deep and its inhabitants. 

Their insight is something you can’t get anywhere else. They’ve explored The Lost City. They’ve swum with your favourite animals. The hypnotic sound design and storytelling will put you right there with them.

Hannah Stitfall said: Crowd, Greenpeace and myself have made a great team. There’s such a brilliant combination of knowledge, experience and quality that I couldn’t think of a better group to work on this project. The nature-lovers of the world are going to love this!

James Hanson, Head of Communications and Engagement for Greenpeace UK’s Protect The Oceans campaign said: In an ever-changing media landscape, we’re always excited to try new mediums to drive conservation. Podcasting fits the bill. It’s an exciting, growing industry and it’s been brilliant working with Crowd, who have helped us produce something beautiful and really important. 

Greenpeace’s  Protect the Oceans campaign seeks to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 and, through this podcast, audio is going to be a part of that.

Greenpeace are the latest partner of Crowd Branded, the creative team behind some of the UK’s most successful podcasts. Oceans: Life Under Water is distributed by Auddy

Oceans: Life Under Water is out now!

Press Contact – George Sampson


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