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Greenpeace dive into purpose-driven podcasting

Greenpeace dive into purpose-driven podcasting

23 February 2024

In a world filled with flashy ads and marketing gimmicks, brands are on the lookout for fresh and authentic ways to connect with their audience. Branded podcasts are increasingly becoming a go-to, but what if we saw them as more than just a way to sell products or services? What if they could actually inspire, excite, and engage audiences on a whole new level?

Enter Greenpeace, the global organisation passionate about saving our planet. Its Protect the Oceans campaign is undertaking no small feat – aiming to safeguard 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. To make this happen, Greenpeace knew it had to do more than preach to the converted – they needed to reach a new audience, in a meaningful way.

So, they teamed up with Crowd Branded to create a podcast that flips the script on traditional branded content. The result? Oceans: Life Under Water – a beautiful storytelling podcast that brings the magic of the ocean to life.

Hosted by wildlife filmmaker, broadcaster and zoologist, Hannah Stittfall, the podcast takes listeners on an underwater adventure. Hannah chats with freedivers, marine biologists, and even submarine pilots, unveiling mind-blowing stories about the ocean’s mysteries and its incredible residents. It’s not your run-of-the-mill branded podcast; in fact, it’s barely a branded podcast at all. It’s a co-production with a mission to use the power of podcasts to save the oceans.

James Hanson, the Head of Communications and Engagement for Greenpeace UK’s Protect the Oceans campaign, was all for trying new things as part of the organisation’s comms strategy. “In an ever-changing media landscape, we’re always excited to try new mediums to drive conservation.” James shared, “Podcasting fits the bill. It’s an exciting, growing industry and it’s been brilliant working with Crowd, who have helped us produce something beautiful and really important.”

What makes Oceans: Life Under Water stand out is that it’s not pushing a product or service. Instead, it invites listeners on a journey of discovery and exploration. Greenpeace is building a real connection with its audience, inspiring them to take action for our oceans. Through the podcast, it has created content that connects on a personal level. By mixing education, entertainment, and a call to action, this podcast becomes a catalyst for change.

So, Greenpeace’s foray into purpose-driven podcasting isn’t just a win for them – it’s a playbook for brands looking to inspire their audiences in a more genuine way. Stories matter, especially when they’re wrapped up in a cause that has real meaning and purpose. As marketing evolves, leaning into approaches that build real connections – like well-crafted, considered podcasts – is where the game is at.

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