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Crowd Network releases Murder In House Two

Crowd Network releases Murder In House Two

21 September 2020

For the first time, the truth behind a civilian massacre by US Marines and the subsequent cover-up will be revealed in a new podcast series titled Murder in House Two, from Academy Award-nominated producer and director Michael Epstein.

The podcast – created in partnership with Crowd Network and Buccaneer Media – charts Michael’s fifteen-year journey investigating the Haditha massacre, an event that saw the deaths of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians by a group of US Marines in 2005. What followed was the longest, most expensive investigation in US Marine Corps history, and every man involved in the atrocity was allowed to go free.

Michael was able to establish himself as part of the legal defence team for Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, the Marine at the centre of the incident. As his fellow Marines were given immunity one by one – even after admissions of guilt – Epstein had an extraordinary level of access and was able to document this incredible story as the full power of the US Marine Corps was turned on Wuterich. He filmed hundreds of hours footage: private moments with Wuterich and his family, privileged conversations with his lawyers, even a site visit with the accused to the crime scene in Haditha.

The podcast takes listeners on this journey and reveals shocking details regarding the initial cover-up and subsequent legal disputes, with a trail leading to the very top at the White House. This was a case the US Government couldn’t afford to ignore and the US Marine Corps couldn’t afford to prosecute.

After consuming more than a decade of his life, the podcast follows Michael’s story as he slowly realises he’s in the middle of a cover-up while piecing together what really happened on that day, and who actually pulled the trigger. His personal struggle has ensured the complete and shocking truth behind the Haditha massacre will finally be told.

Michael said: “I have been immersed in the Haditha massacre since 2005. The magnitude of what happened that day and the actions of both the US Marine Corps and US Government meant I was unable to move on. It took over my life and I dedicated myself to ensuring this story is told.

“Murder in House Two is about a hunt for justice. The world must know the truth.”

Murder in House Two launches today and will run for ten episodes, with episodes released every Monday through Acast and available to download on all major podcast platforms.

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