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Red Bull’s journey into pedal-powered podcasts

Red Bull’s journey into pedal-powered podcasts

28 February 2024

In the fast-paced world of energy drinks and extreme sports, Red Bull has transcended its rivals to become a global lifestyle brand synonymous with adventure, sports, and an unrelenting thirst for energy. It has evolved into a media powerhouse responsible for some of the most memorable marketing campaigns worldwide.

In this realm, Red Bull has always been a frontrunner, leading the way with a content strategy centered around attention-grabbing sports. The brand’s media house has been instrumental in developing digital content that captivates its followers. However, the team wanted to forge an even deeper connection with cycling enthusiasts in particular, irrespective of the type of cycling they love or the events they follow.

Enter the solution: a collaboration with Crowd Branded, to create Just Ride. Unlike many other cycling podcasts that narrow down to specialist routes or focus solely on major events, Just Ride was conceived to be a podcast for every bike lover, whether they’re seasoned cyclists or casual enthusiasts.

Hosted by professional downhill mountain bikers Rob Warner and Eliot Jackson, Just Ride is a refreshing take on the world of cycling. The podcast features engaging conversations with a diverse range of professionals, delving into the weird and wonderful facets of the cycling universe.

Crowd Branded’s specialist team, Crowd Sports, played a crucial role in bringing the vision to life, leveraging its network of talent to source a wide range of guests – including Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas. Thomas fronts one of Crowd Sport’s most popular original podcasts, Geraint Thomas Cycling Club. Since launching in 2021, the Crowd original has grown a thriving community of cycling enthusiasts around it. It’s a similar story for Just Ride, where listeners view the show as a community they’re actively a part of – which has in turn seen the show become one of Red Bull’s most popular podcasts.

The success of the first season, which soared to the Top 15 in the sports podcasts chart, was a testament to the podcast’s universal appeal. The positive reception has paved the way for a fantastic second season, launching in February 2024. But that’s not where the journey ends – exciting plans are in the pipeline for further collaborations between Red Bull and Crowd Branded. So – sport fans, stay tuned.

In a saturated landscape, Just Ride stands out and is testament to Red Bull’s genuine love for bikes and desire to do things differently. As the wheels keep turning, this podcast invites enthusiasts from all walks of life to join the exhilarating ride. Keep your eyes peeled for more collaborations between Red Bull and Crowd Branded. The cycling adventure is far from over.

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