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Eliza, Laura and Lauren get nominated at The BPAs!

Eliza, Laura and Lauren get nominated at The BPAs!

25 July 2023

The nominations keep coming, and Crowd’s presence in the British Podcast Awards is confirmed!πŸŽ™πŸ†

Eliza: A Robot Story is back in the award circuit, nominated in Fiction. Eliza is no stranger to the spotlight nowadays, taking home gold at the Prolific North Creative Awards. We couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s a Manchester baby, she’s taken us on our first adventure into the fiction space and she’s a champion for domestic abuse awareness. The all-female production team and Manchester Women’s Aid have produced something truly magical, as we are continuously reminded πŸ’œ

Go Love Yourself was created to help us love ourselves a little more every day. And every day, that concept becomes more important. A million+ downloads, a sold-out live show and an Apple Spotlight feature later, GLY is up for a BPA in the Wellbeing category. As host Lauren Smith so perfectly put it: “The fact that a podcast by two fat birds has been shortlisted in a wellbeing category is just the most scrummy middle finger up to diet culture ever!” Β πŸ–•

Lauren and her best mate Laura Adlington are on a mission, and after recognition from The ARIAS, this is another checkpoint in their legacy🧑

Congratulations to all the nominees, can’t wait to celebrate together at the ceremony!πŸŽ‰

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